Promotions for The Service Department

Jason Volny

What types of promotions have you done in the service department to bring in more customers? 

When promotions have you had success with and what promotions have bombed?


Martins Ville

People like free stuff or discounts. Pretty simple. Don't know how dealers suddenly seem to be struggling? The best tech for car dealers to succeed are outside auto tech!!!!!


Derrick Woolfson

Free oil changes have bombed, I dislike the word "free" I believe it devalues the promotion/product and puts you at a disadvantage for up-selling. A promotion we have had success with is dollar amounts off of service. 

Martins Ville

I agree Derrick, just resonating the sentiment of most buyers, despite their lack of understanding reality, business operations, marketing, etc. 

My dream would be to run an operation similar to CarMax except the lot would be full of import and domestic new vehicles, each model, car truck SUV or van. Guaranteed up front lowest pricing, OEM subvented financing, all under one roof. The various dealers would simply use my space. We'll do all the selling for them.

Kevin Kulma

Start with having more the 5 pages on dealership's website.   That would be a start.   Any digital marketer understands that running any paid media promotion without having any quality landing page to send/direct the traffic is a waste.   

Derrick Woolfson

@Kevin, you bring up a great point. I cannot tell you how many dealers I see simply using a "form submission" page, which we know how much the customer just loves those. 

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