Pros and cons to texting within the automotive space

Gabe Peizner

This article from Dealer Marketing discusses text messaging:

Would love to hear what people think?

Chris K Leslie

This conversation has already been going on with Leila from your company. Lets not start it all over again.. 

mark rask

Chris is right!

Leila Mozaffarian

Gabe is new to the industry and just sharing an article and looking start engagement. I don't think it is fair to simply stop a forum because it is something you have engaged in before. There are definitely other dealers, managers, and professionals who may want to partake in conversation. I think simply not responding would be even easier than cutting others off.

Chris K Leslie

Leila, You're wrong. It's absolutely fair to stop someone from spamming our forums. 

Just about every forum out there have rules specifically about this exact thing. Any forum topic that has already been addressed on a thread will typically be closed and the moderators will redirect to the already open thread. 

Threads do not get closed and the one you started can still be found here.

If your buddy wanted to move the thread back into the top of the list all he needs to do is post in the already open thread. Not create a new one. That is spammy. 

Plus, Don't you think all the people types you listed would get more value of an already established thread with lots of people already engaged with it? 

Leila Mozaffarian


I appreciate your feedback.

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