Rapid Recon or Recon Software

Karen R
Hi. I was wondering what programs others are using for Reconditioning of used cars when there is a large volume of used at the stores. Additionally, for those using a program has anyone used Rapid Recon?
Dennis Wagner
What are you trying to accomplish? Are you working from the sales side or service? Each used car is a totally different beast so it is very possible to have two 2012 Toyota Camry's with similar miles, but one might need $400 worth of recon and the other could need $1,000 in recon.
Karen R
We are just trying to track location of vehicles and timing in various recon areas such as service body shop outside vendors etc
Josh Cole
We use rapid recon and have been with them for several months now. It's a great tool to track which stages your vehicles are in and the time it takes to get to, through or finish each stage. The biggest benefit is that it's 100% customizable to your store. The only downside is that it's a 100% manual process as far as moving the vehicle between steps. **You must have a team that is dedicated to the vision behind using the tool - becoming more efficient and timely in recon - in order for it to work effectively**
Dealer Support
Check out this youtube video which shows the auto irp's software in action http://youtu.be/RebPySeMqQ8 There are additional links on the video for more information
Mark Miller
All software programs I have seen require some level of employee participation to move the vehicle through the process. The best ones allow that to be done on any internet connected device. It is quickly evident if someone is not holding up their end of it as the car sits in that department for a very long time. The software solution is a great option compared to most of the manual options out there (e.g. whiteboards or shared spreadsheets). Most offer real time communications, DMS integration, and email alerts when a car is moved to a new department. Check out reconadvisor.com for an illustration of the process

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