Recall campaign

Andy Dewhirst

Our website ( is currently having success referring consumers to dealers for recall work on their vehicles.  Instead of doing this country-wide, we'd like to concentrate on a few geographies to deliver higher volumes to specific dealers.  In general, does anyone know some rough figures on the value of a typical recall?  Is there such a thing as a "typical" recall?  And what would a dealer be willing to pay for a lead where we set up the recall appointment at that dealer?  Who would be the decision maker on what to pay for a recall lead? 

Many thanks!!

Ricky Patrick

Why would a dealer pay for a recall lead? Maybe I'm the outlier but that makes not sense to me. We have no shortage of people coming in for recalls and the manufacturer facilitates communication with the customer directly. Maybe I'm missing something and someone else can weigh in.

Andy Dewhirst

Thanks Ricky, I appreciate the input.  My understanding is that a small but still significant portion of the recall customers either get additional, non-recall work done at the same time or eventually come back for additional service work.  Additionally, some people with older cars visit the showroom and convert to a sales opportunity.  So, getting recall customers in to the dealer would be an overall benefit.  But if I understand what you're saying, you get enough of these customers anyway so a dealer would be unwilling to pay anything directly.

Ricky Patrick

Yes, sir, but I honestly might be in the minority. I'm sure someone more progressive will be able to weigh in. : )

I'm with Ricky on this one. People generally don't need to be encouraged to get their recalls completed. As soon as they get that letter from the manufacturer, they're calling you to schedule an appointment before the parts even come in.

mark rask

I think that ricky is correct

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