Receptionist Answering Service Calls

Joe Tareen

Can anyone think of a good reason why a receptionist should answer a Service call? A receptionist cannot provide a vehicle status, nor can schedule an appointment. So why do dealers continue to insist that receptionist live answer Service calls? I understand the need for someone to answer a live call, that goes without saying. But why waste customer's time? The receptionist is either going to forward the call or put the customer on hold. I am just perplexed at this. I need some good discussion on this topic. What is the solution? Is there one? Please help provide your feedback.



Joe Tareen.

Shannon Hammons

Why would they answer any calls is my question

Martins Ville

They should. Receptionists should be Customer Care and the liason for all departments. They can use the online scheduler easily. They can confirm their text number and offer to get back with an update, if service isn't already doing that.

It befuddles me as well why the industry is still unsure how to react to opportunity.

Joe Tareen

@Martin Ville. All good points but should those really be the job dutyies of a receptionist? Shouldn't those be tackled by a well organized Service BDC? Isn't the Service Advisor the best person to provide vehicle status?

Martins Ville

Yes Joe, if the dealership has the resources. I don't disagree. Many have a receptionist and maybe a small BDC to support sales. If that. Some have larger operations to handle all inbound inquires. 

The issue is often with the techs not reporting to the adviser.

I think this reveals the need to have a better system where service is actually able to post status updates into unified CRM process where anyone can see what's happening at all stages, I keep the customer alerted via text messages or old school phone calls. This would mitigate "customer idle shock syndrome".



Joe Tareen

@Martin Ville well said!




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