Reconditioning Policy

Ron Henson
Does your dealership perform 100% of Used Car recon in your shop? Does the Used Car Dept pay retail? Is the Service Dept required to complete recon in a certain number of days?
Ed Small
Oh yea. I work for a Franchise dealer. Like most I pay retail plus. I miss some used car business in the $5-10k price range because I can't afford to get it through my shop without ending up with retail in the car. Average service recon turn time including detail is 7-10 days for me. I hear about the "3 day turn time" but everything would have to work perfectly from parts availability, mechanics not missing work or going to school, to retail customer demand pushing me to the back of the line. If a car is a year or two old and has 5-10k miles on it and all it needs is an oil change and state inspection and it's clean a 3 day turn can be done. Diesels can take longer do to the limited number of diesel mechanics. We also have a Body shop and I am allowed to get bumper's painted and minor body work performed by various venders because it can take 4-6 weeks for minor body work in my Body shop because they stay busy and I'm always last in line. Loaning my used inventory out to service customers also hurts my turn time tremendously. We have 10 loaners for service and they are constantly in need of a loaner from me. Then the 1 day loaner turns into a 3 day loaner because the wrong part came in or it comes back having been smoked in, or a new door ding or wrecked.....anybody else have similar experiences or is it just me? Lol
Dennis Downer
@Ed I think most experience the same as you! It took some heavy convincing but we were finally able to get our service department some additional loaners so our inventory cars are always available. One hurdle at a time. Also, our body shop and detail shop is off site so that creates a little bit of an obstacle but we are still eyeing the elusive 3 day turn around. @Ron in your experience, what sort of consequences could there be if the service department wasn't able to meet the expectation? We definitely pay retail and I think that makes the most sense for the dealer in terms of protecting profit.
Mark Miller
Having been in multiple franchised dealers, I have found each varied on policy, times, and costs. The majority here pay a lower internal rate for parts and labor. Rarely have I ever used a trade for a loaner, unless promised by sales already. As for turn times, when we had dedicated used car techs it was a quicker process, but when the line techs worked on everything it slowed the process substantially. Parts were the largest issue as many trades are off brand and require all parts to be brought in from outside vendors. I have talked to a few dealers across the country that have a unique process. The service department has a pre-set dollar amount per car, if it goes over that they contact the used car manager. Regardless of the amount they have 48 hours to fix the car or contact the used car manager for approval, if not, the service department eats the bill.
Scott  Dunn

Recon can be a bear to track and manage but you don't have to look any further as Condition HUB has the software that can manage, track, expedite, control, and provide users with real-time reports about cars in the recon process.  We also have a retail facing product that can share the recon with the consumer but producing a report controled by the user showing what was reconditioned and the current condition of the vehicle.  

Recon is a tough battle so why not be informed and actively involved without chasing your talk the whole time.

Give us a try and you will find the difference adds dollars to your revenue immediately

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