Rideshare Marketing

Chris K Leslie

Do you guys doing anything specific to market to ride share drivers? 

john fontanini

it's hard to express oneself here because we don't want to give our competitors help. 

Kevin Kulma

That's the spirit.  In store process > marketing in today's Franchise dealer world.   

With that said I have seen and been told there are some great targeting options within FB where drivers have their occupation listed within FB that you can target them with ads on vehicles that would qualify.   

From a Service point of view - we have a handful of clients packaging together multiple service(s) and building a service offer titled "Uber or Lyft Driver Service Center for [OEM], then building a landing page that corresponds with that.   


Bart Wilson

Good ideas Kevin.  It would be interesting to see the messaging that they are communicating.  Do you have any examples?

Chris K Leslie

Im going to have to go check out the facebook occupation options. great idea.. 

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