Saturday Service

Oliver Czavar
By now most of us are open on Saturdays for service but for the most part I have seen a busy service department between the hours of opening and 2 pm at the most. After that it is mostly a ghost town and trying to keep busy with pre-owned preps and such. Who keeps busy with retail work and how have you accomplished that ? Thank you for your comments ,
Denim Simkins
Oliver this is a good question - Who books all your appointments? Do the advisors handle any of them or does it run through your BDC? I have experienced recently that it really does matter with where the location of the dealership is. I have been at a store where Saturday traffic was really busy in the morning but as you have experienced the afternoon was not. My other store the work would not get real busy until 930 or 1000 but busy really late through the day. Same process in both stores different results. What I have found to be effective is incentivize the later appointment and then also trying to pull some of the early drop off appts for Monday in on Saturday by offering a free loaner car for the weekend or some other incentive.
Oliver Czavar
Than you Denim, BDC is booking most of the appointments, and they are really doing a good job by trying to book later reservations...but most of the clients will choose a different Saturday then coming in at 3.00 pm for the service. I've tested the process by having friends call and make an appointment and the BDC department was doing a really great job trying ... Just wanted to know if I am the only one...or is it more of a pattern. Thank you again,
Steve Tuschen
Oliver, If you are just starting Saturday's it is normal for most places to be busy in the morning and taper off as they day goes by. As customer's get used to the weekends it should pick up. One thing, look at your area do you have a business close by, maybe a call center where they get off at 2 so you could market to them for the afternoon appointments, again it is training the customer. After that exactly what you are doing is the used car, I will hold the used cars late Friday and go hunt the sales department on Saturday for the fresh trades if I know my weekend is light to keep the techs busy.
Oliver Czavar
Thank you Steve-good point

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