Scheduler - Time Highway

Kate Poole

Hello everyone - is there anyone out there that has switched to Time Highway for scheduling? If so, from what and, how do you like it? 

Derrick Woolfson

I loved Time Highway, they are a solid product that is very easy to use. Their support staff is also a pleasure to deal with. The back-end tool was easy to get used to, and I liked the fact that you create/edit appointment schedules very easily. We were also then able to include the "booking" link in our campaigns, which was also very easy; the most important thing was that we were able to see where the appointment originated from. All in all, I used them for 5 years in my last auto group. I would however also look at Xtime. They are another, solid platform. 

Mark Rask

We havent tried them but use x time 

Shawn Asadi

Hi Kate,

Our platform is called Tekion, if you've never heard of us it's because this is our newest product. Tekion was founded by Jay Vijayan, Tesla's ex global Chief Information Officer.  Below is a diagram of what our dSE (digital Service Experience) does.  Please let me know if you'd like to connect so I can provide you more information:



Shawn Asadi

Tekion Corp.

Kevin Kulma
  • Shawn....looked at your website - that is pretty sharp.  Mind reaching out to set up demo?


Kate - To answer the question of the board - just in my opinion Schedule Service tool in the auto space is prime for disruption.  All the tools are adequate at best - I related it very similar to the Trade In tools that existed until Trade Pending came around.  



Shawn Asadi

Thank you Kevin.  I just sent you a request to connect.   



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