Self Generated Leads vs. 3rd Party Sites vs. 3rd Party Leads

Philip Zelinger
Most ISM's already "get it" when it comes to the advantage of organically grown leads developed through a well integrated SEO plan tied to conventional media driving traffic to your virtual showroom as well as your real one. If not, just reply with your question and challenges to that statement and I will reply with the facts and experiences that have matured the shared opinion that I relied on in making it. Even a well designed and budgeted SEM plan presents a "conflict" with your own SEO efforts. It places you in competition with yourself for Internet shoppers that are already seeing your organic position in the top left corner,(hopefully), of the search engine screen which has been proven to be more "ergonomically correct" since it is the first section of the page that customers see - literally! The purpose of this forum is to remind us all that no comprehensive automotive advertising plan should put all of your eggs in one basket! Even conventional radio, TV - and yes PRINT
Matthew Sensel
Let me throw a different spin on a 3rd party site. We have developed a network by which we help the customers buy a car rather than be sold a car. Millions of people hate the car buying process and would like to have someone help them through the process. We have created and marketed The Network to do just that. The customer relates to us what they want to buy and gives us their information up front so that we may help them get most of the process out of the way before entering the dealership. The dealer gets a chance to talk to customers who would not respond to their regular advertising. Since our network is market specific, no leads are ever cross sold to multiple dealers. Just food for thought if you are looking for a new way to sell conquest car deals in your market. Matt Sensel President

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