Service advisor pay plan

Greg Mills
I am looking to change the way our service advisors are getting paid. I don't know if I want a huge base to wow the advisor into coming to work or a lower base with a higher percentage. Please share any thoughts or pay plans that are working. Thanks Greg
Carl Maeda
I have been talking to several GMs about this topic because I was helping them raise their reputation in Google+ and Yelp. So the thing is, in general, the higher the base, the more stars you get. The lower the base and the higher the percentage, the less stars you'll get. You'll undoubtedly get people that no matter how high the base is, it won't improve the number of stars they get. And you'll get some service advisors, that no matter how low the base is (as long as its' reasonable), they will always deliver great customer service. You can combat low ratings somewhat by making them ask for customer emails during the customer interaction. But what you'll find is with some service advisors, they will have "typos" in the email addresses. So you'll want to track the percentage of bad emails per advisor. Hope this helps.
Christopher Murray
That is a tough topic to tackle Greg. We have a heavy emphasis in CSI, Customer Labor and Efficiency but our base most likely adds up to 65% of their total income. I have a hesitancy to go to the 80/20 plans I hear about these days in that 80% of their income is derived through bonuses.

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