Service Appointment Setting

Kari Lewis
How effective is your online service appointment forms? Are people still picking up the phone and calling in to set an appointment the old fashioned way? Or are dealerships trying to push more walk in service to compete with the independent shops? Just curious!
Hello Kari: When I would be today back into a dealership/Group I would certainly see that I look into an online-realtime service solution tool. The trend on the service site is less fast approaching than its "cousin" "Request a Quote". With these tools the customer can set on your website her date and time according to a calendar, which is actually insync with your DMS and inhouse scheduling software. When the customer sets the date and time for example after business hours, you'll have in the morning the info on your server and everything is set to go on both ends. Depending on your OEM you are selling, more and more cars are sending now their service data to servers remotely like Acura, BMW, MB and other luxury car makers, and you will receive a call from the servicing dealer to remind you to have the service to be scheduled. lat but not least, try to have a good content rich Service page on your dealership site. This would help you on your organic search to possible beat independent shops in the search results. You should possible also think about a PPC/SEM campaign targeting specific serivce terms. To find out which terms are right "now" hot in your city use the Google keywords and insights tool. Good Luck.

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