service appointments

Mark Rask

Is it best to push your service customers to make appointments?

Chris K Leslie

It’s easier to schedule skills with appts that’s for sure. 

Derrick Woolfson

I offer that an appointment culture benefits both the customer and the dealership. By having a general idea what the day is going to look like - based on appointments - the dealer can ensure they have the right amount of staffing. Whereas, having mostly all walk-in's can create increased wait times, which can have a negative impact on your CSI. Not to mention, for those customers who do have appointments but are otherwise then unable to get their oil change completed in a reasonable amount of time because of the walk-ins than it can be quite frustrating for the customer. On the flip-side, it is just as important to not overbook your days; the appointment software should note that only 'X' amount of certain appointments can be booked; offering for your customer to call into the dealership to book their appointment. 


Yes it is.  

Instead of opening your doors to a flood of people every morning, you can somewhat control arrival times.   The service advisor will have the time to spend at time of write up.  Walk around, menu, offer of free inspection. 

You can load the shop at 80% capacity so you have 20% of time available for upsells and work ins. 

Mallory Hughes

I always am encouraged to set an appointment before I service my Chevy at my local dealership. My dealership only offers appointments and will only accept walk-ins in extreme circumstances.

Bart Wilson

I think appointments make sense if you build value in why the customer should schedule one.  And remember, it has to be customer-focused, not just how it benefits the dealership.

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