Service appts on TV screen

Ryan Leslie
Hey Scott, The customer likes to see their name in lights. Nobody wants to be a number, especially when they are about to part with their hard earned cash. Having an appointment board tells the customer that a.) you were expecting them and b.) you cared enough to take the time to make sure they knew you were expecting them. It sets the stage for a great customer experience in sales and service. Creating great customer experiences is often what creates sales!
Larry Schlagheck
Well said, Ryan. I would add that this type of red carpet treatment, similar to the boards at a rental car facility, adds a feeling of "belongingness". I hope this dealer takes this to next level and offering text/email updates and perhaps use these screens for the same.
Steve jones
Ryan, I agree some customers do like name in lights, but I am trying to determine an ROI, and the fact that my dealer can keep a service appt calendar up to date does not make a customer feel special by itself, that's expected. Does it create a great customer experience and can we measure that, sounds like a lot of intangibles to me.
Ryan Leslie
Scott, This is only my opinion... The effects of great Customer Experience (CX) are always greater than the sum of the parts... I totally agree with you that the ability to keep an appt schedule is not all that impressive, but does it have a real and tangible benefit to your customers that is greater than its level of difficulty for you to perform? That should be your ROI calculation... In conjunction with free WIFI, comfortable chairs, loaner I-pads, comp. shuttle service, a business center, coffee that tastes like coffee, etc. would it differentiate you from your competitors in a meaningful way to your customer? To Larry's point, does it create "belonging" or a material connection that promotes value in WHO you are as a service provider in conjunction with the rest of the list? I think so...The problem with traditional ROI bound decision making is that we demand a linear relationship between a feature and its monetary benefit in isolation when the reality is that there are seldom straight lines in the customer's mind. Think back to that list of "creature comforts" and try to determine an ROI on a single item by itself. Seating is necessary and milk crates are free, right? "Let's scrap the idea of cushioned chairs in favor of plastic milk crates because we can't say for sure that CP will go up if we have cushioned chairs. ROI will be better." ;) Sometimes a strict ROI calculation can be a huge roadblock to an otherwise obvious solution. Can you afford NOT to over-communicate with your customer in the waiting area? This isn't my area of expertise, but appt boards are thinking small. That appt board should be updated with every small change that gives the customer the perception that there is progress they can't see. It seems to me that Great CX would build on putting their name in lights when they enter by reinforcing that you still care enough to update them after you have their keys and they can't leave.
Steve jones
Again, I don't disagree with your opinion, but everything you are mentioning is soft dollars, theory or fluff in my opinion. I'm an ROI guy and we need to drive sales up front and in back and if I'm gonna put a TV behind a service advisor it is gonna drive sales with a non threatening approach and I can track those upsells or operations thru my dms. I do appreciate your explanation and I just wasn't sure how dealers were using them. Thanks
Randy Powell
Scott, Imagine you could know when a customer came into your store for a service visit who was in an strong equity position or their lease was nearing an end and you knew you chad programs that could get them out early and even lower their payment. Would you have a better chance of explaining the advantages to them when they were in the store than over the phone? Or suppose your P-O manager was lloking for a specific year and model tthat booked out well and they New Car manager had programs on it. Would it be nice to know if THAT vehicle was on your service drive and availalb efor a quiet appraisal to ensure it fit? Those things and more can be accomplished by the top vendor in the service drive concierge area.

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