Service appts on TV screen

Ryan Leslie
Hey Scott, The customer likes to see their name in lights. Nobody wants to be a number, especially when they are about to part with their hard earned cash. Having an appointment board tells the customer that a.) you were expecting them and b.) you cared enough to take the time to make sure they knew you were expecting them. It sets the stage for a great customer experience in sales and service. Creating great customer experiences is often what creates sales!
Todd Katcher
Hello. We have a product that provides appointment updates or just names next to marketing and found it to be successful in moving the sales needle throughout the dealership. You can grab a customers attention and keep it -- almost like forcing someone to watch TV commercials. If you can keep someone's attention and show them your marketing messages of add-on services, trade-ins needed, new car specials, etc -- then you will heighten your potential to sell to them. Another thought when we discuss ROI is the small cost of marketing to your existing customers that are already comfortable giving you money (that's why they are there) compared to having a new person walk through the door that may or may not even buy. Most services are a couple of hundred a month -- how much does it cost you to have one non-buyer walk through the door? So the idea of ROI sometimes is a flip - what is the cost of NOT marketing to your existing customers and making them feel welcome? Is there a higher potential of lost sales by not spending a couple hundred a month? Or even a thousand? Marketing to existing customers - along with appointment boards - is just another step in providing an overall positive experience which leads to Referrals, Repeat Buyers, Increased CSI and much more.
Steve jones
More good points and I agree but that is you pushing something on your customer, what if they saw something on the TV that made them come to you, little less pushy right?
Guy Tonti
I own a company that supplies digital signage content to auto dealerships across the entire breadth of customer interaction points, including displays behind Service Advisors and in Service Bays. The majority of these do include the Appointment Board information described above; most importantly it is interspersed with information about the dealership; welcoming the customer and offering service specials. This is where the "hard ROI" comes from; using the Appointment Board to welcome the customer and get their attention, then hopefully keep watching as other valuable information that can lead to incremental sales is shown. Also having the screens be accessible online allows for near-real-time updates (ie, if it is raining, have the wiper blade special be shown a few more times). The mentions by Ryan and others above are correct to show a customer the level of professionalism and pride the dealership has and makes the customer feel special; it is how to leverage it to additional meaningful sales that really makes a difference to the dealership and customer.
Steve jones
Guy, appreciate your input but I think I am going to go with a company called ABN that will not only provide digital signage tailored to each part of dealership based on dwell time but also has a program called Dealer TV which will give me back control of my service waiting room tv with the entertainment I choose and my commercial content and eliminate my competitors ads.
Todd Katcher
Scott I would recommend caution with controlled tv with prerecorded and reformatted content. We have won numerous accounts with our all encompassing solution for car dealerships because we are half the price of abn, offer more customization features and preloaded content, and support much more then a slideshows outside of the lounge. In our test market we found a negative csi based on preformatted or prerecorded tv content in the lounge. In addition, we found that consumers have no change in opinion in seeing competitive ads in the lounge vs. at home. They are already at your store, you've already won their business. Don't lose it by showing infomercials or prerecorded tv. And if the abn program is 90k over 3yrs, like a recent situation we were in... Our bid was half... What would you do with 45k?

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