Service appts on TV screen

Ryan Leslie
Hey Scott, The customer likes to see their name in lights. Nobody wants to be a number, especially when they are about to part with their hard earned cash. Having an appointment board tells the customer that a.) you were expecting them and b.) you cared enough to take the time to make sure they knew you were expecting them. It sets the stage for a great customer experience in sales and service. Creating great customer experiences is often what creates sales!
Todd Katcher
Scott. So apparently you are the regional manager for abn. So the purpose of your post was to promote your product! In addition your last statement about *I think we're going to go with abn" is another lie because you don't work for a dealer, but instead for abn itself. LinkedIn is an amazing resource. In fact, while you are acting like a dealer, you Never worked for one. So.... Be who you are. You're a rep for abn. Guy and myself are part of legitimate companies who we aren't ashamed of being tied to. We both came out here and said we were part of sign companies when your comment are predicated on untruths. Interesting experience. Thank you for substantiating everyone's thoughts on abn that I've spoken to in the industry.
Ryan Leslie
Scott Jurs, I'm not trying to be ugly, but c'mon man. This kind of stuff makes every vendor that participates here with the intention of helping dealers look bad...It sure looks like this whole thread was just a setup to slip in a pitch. Your profile says who you work for and it took me all of 2 seconds to Google your name and find your LinkedIn profile. Scott Jurs, Regional Manager of ABN. There are much more effective ways to participate in this community, for you and the dealers. Please go read Seth Godin's recent post titled "Us vs. Us."
Ryan Leslie
(Note to Mods, I didn't see Todd's post until after I posted. Please feel free to delete my last comment. Todd and I went in the same direction at the same time and basically said the same thing.)
Steve jones
OK, so my original question is, what were dealers getting from putting appts on TVs, I'm still trying to understand the ROI, that's where it started.
Todd Katcher
Thanks Ryan! Your comment in addition to mine is valuable so it's not squabbling between vendors. Scott... Your foolish attempt to misdirect your statement acting as a dealer by having some altruistic means to your question are lost in your words. Scott, you misrepresented yourself, it's documented for anyone to see. It's verified. And the best thing to do is man up and move on. Learn from your experiences. And for anyone else, consider the source of your information.

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