Service BDC

Lori Hammond

So we are finally starting a Service BDC/ Customer Care Center. (Better Late than Never).  I am looking for advise on pay plans and what type of calls work best for the Service BDC Reps.  We do have a mini center now consisting of only three people for one of our stores.  We will be expanding for all stores shortly.  This is a big project and really just looking for some advice from stores that are already successful currently.   Thank you.

Mark Rask

Lori, good for you! You can e mail me at and i will e mail you our pay plans and daily checklists etc. Service bdc is such a money maker

Recalls, declined repairs, and manufacturer recommended maintenance calls are my top three for outbound. Because you guys are customer care, I would suggest having the Service BDC do CSI follow-up calls as well.

As far as pay plan, hourly compensation plus commission for every service appointment that shows up is what I have seen traditionally. Obviously the amount of commission would depend on the service being completed. You would pay on an oil change appointment differently than you would a transmission repair appointment.

Mark Rask

Sunny is so right

Stacy Battistini

Sunny, do you have a breakdown of commissions paid out based on appoitment completed?


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