Service Call Center

Jim Brown
We are getting ready to launch a call center/BDC for our service departments. The department will set and follow up appointments, and follow up with customers who have not visited our service department in over a year. We would like to develop pay plans that are both hourly/salary base with a performance incentive for both the manager and the customer service agents. Does anyone have any ideas for pay plans as described?
Steve Tuschen has some information on it. Usually it is an hourly wage or weekly salary and then a dollar amount per set appointment. I would step it and do one for those that show up or a show rate bonus for those appointments set. The amounts really depend on local market and volume.
Denim Simkins
I like to segment a service bdc person payplan with a 70% base (typically hourly wage) then the other 30% coming from 3 or 4 performance measures based on call volume, apts set, show rate etc. @jim if you would like I could put you in contact with a BDC manager that within the last year implemented a centralized BDC in to 12 stores in 3 states. She did a tremendous job and could possibly fast forward you through the bumps and bruises learned along the way
mark rask
We pay an hourly rate plus an amount for everyone that shows. We also do the survey calls as well
Brandon McNett
We pay an hourly rate, plus a bonus for inbound/outbound appointments. There are a TON of different things you can call, some of them are more "retention" than driving in business. As we all know, it is cheaper to retain good customers than it is to acquire new or winback customers who have defected. Our approach is protect what we have 1st and then grow/winback our defected customers. Let me know if you're interested in speaking a little bit more - we've been pretty successful at getting ours up and running within the last 20 months. It's been incredibly successful as well. Keep in mind there are a lot of procedural and dealership related factors that can be controlled with the appropriate launch, expectations and prior planning!
Marc Bellacosa
I pay hourly plus a CSI bonus. Make sure you have two things in place before you start. A good management/scheduling system, such as Xtime, or make sure you DMS is setup to allow correct scheduling. You will get yourself overbooked without a good system, this will create many problems right off the bat. Also, make sure you have open to close coverage. A BDC that is not there to answer the phone after service is closed is not a good BDC. I use 3 girls on a 4 day rotation working from 7-7. There is always 2 on and 1 off, they love the schedule. Good luck!

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