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James Klaus
Hello Chris, We use DealerPeak as our CRM. All of our sales prospect go into the CRM (or they should!) on the sales side it is easy once your people understand that this is a tool that will help them sell more cars easier. Service has been a lot more difficult, our DMS is not full integrated so we push all of our Service RO's into our CRM every night. We then market to these customers (must have good data on the customers, i.e. email, phone, mailing address). We use a company called Visible Customer for help with the data mining of both sales and service they use our data in our CRM and our DMS to work with us to make customized and targeted campaigns for service and sales. For service it is great because you can target your most profitable services and easily make customized campaigns for these customers (some campaigns will only target like 5 customers it is that targeted). A CRM is only as good as the data you put in. Check out Visible Customer for help with your data, they are great. Here is my contact for them Derc Teschler O: 612.254.2042 | C: 612.719.9838 email or Kate Donovan 612-669-6120..... Check them out for help with service and how to harness your CRM for service!
Shawn Ryder
Christoper - would love to discuss our solution at SimplyCast and how it drives Service Sales. We can automate a process to build engagement through email, text, voice mail, social and then survey customers. For example if a customer date field equals 91 days since visit automate a reminder - using the preferred mode of communication. Or send out custom emails based on make, model, etc and then trigger additional information based on interaction with email.
Christopher Murray
I have Vinsolutions being installed as we speak but my question is HOW is any of this truly going to increase my traffic in service?
James Klaus
Chris, I just went through exactly what you are talking about at our store. I will tell you what we did that works well and what we did that sucked. Give me a call if you want to discuss. I am not a vendor just an eCommerce/ ISM/ Finance Mgr! James Klaus 406-587-1221
Jonathan Ollwerther
Chris, Full disclosure: I work for a 3rd party marketing company but we do not sell anything coming close to a CRM. With that out of the way, I believe that as a new CRM user how you use your CRM is far more important that which particular one you use. Your ability to leverage a CRM to improve your business is directly correlated to the quality of data. Data quality refers to both quantity and accuracy of what you feed into the tool. Without clean data, there is not much point in paying for a CRM. In a dealership the key to clean data is your staff. In order for them to input data correctly they need to be given the time and tools (additional incentives too?) to learn how to do it properly. They also need to know why it is important to them and to the dealership that information is entered accurately. If you don’t make it a priority it will seem like just another time consuming task standing between them selling a vehicle or service. Finally, you and your managers need to practice what you preach and lead by example—everyone in the organization needs to log every customer interaction every time. Good Luck, Jon
Christopher Murray
James, thanks for the input. I have developed an implementation plan for the CRM in relation to the sales staff. In fact, if they fail to log a customer it puts their pay in jeopardy. If, for example, a sales associate only logged 60% of their traffic, compared to a greeter count, then they shall only receive 60% of their commission. My managers are another story entirely. I have yet to full define my plan with them. Thanks again for the input!

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