Service Department Texting

Shawn Ryder
How many dealerships use texting in the service department for texting - either for marketing or providing customer reminders on a regular basis? There are obviously a number of benefits for using text - open rates, etc., but curious how many fixed ops departments use the technology?
Megan Barto
We have a program that texts our customers to let them know their vehicles are done. I'm not sure which one we use, I just know it exists!
Lauren Moses
we don't right now. It's something that I would love to get started for the new year though. I have also seen videos being texted to customers keeping them updated on their vehicle. That also seems like it would have a great outcome for any dealer that can get their service department to do it, and do it properly.
Shawn Ryder
Thanks for the feedback so far! In terms of texting we obviously know that it is growing for accepting notifications. What if dealers used it for marketing as well? Could be a way to send out savings based on miles or seasonal specials.
Carl Rempel
There are many texting solutions that exist—from keyword driven short codes to 10-digit phone numbers. But before jumping in, consider that most stores have built up significant location identification and "brand equity" through the long-term use of their own store phone numbers. Then consider that many stores have already set up a dedicated local phone number just to receive inbound phone calls that ring directly to all Service Writers — or Service BDC Team. In those cases, sending and receiving text messages connected to that branded landline makes a huge difference in customer acceptance, usage and benefits to the store. For a mini-case study, you can read more at this blogpost from February-2014 — "Tune-up Time for the Business Landline" —
mark rask
Thanks for the info!

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