Service Drive

Shawn Ryder
How large is your database of potential customer contacts? What sort of information do you have on each customer that had visited in the last few years?
Christopher Murray
We use ASI so I have every R/O we have ever done since 2008. We have over 4,000 good names.
Matt Lowery
Make sure all your calls are being routed to your Service BDC. If you still send calls to the advisors, you are losing money. Within 30 days of starting our Service BDC our service department has had their best month in years. You will see absolute increase in your service department and where I would start. Jarred suggests if you dont have a BDC at all, start in service not in sales, because how fast you can justify the expense. I cant agree more. Your advisors are paid to upsell and work the service drive, you detract from this by having them constantly taking appointments on the phone. My advisors are now constantly complaining that we are bringing in too much work... My GM disagrees and says keep it up. :P
Christopher Murray
The reason I posted the topic was because I agree; service is the ONLY way to quickly grow sales.
Big Tom LaPointe
I agree with the use of bdc or appointment desk rather than tying up advisors on the phone with appointments instead of sales. your department weaknesses should be pretty apparent, but be sure you have a menu and aggressive pricing structure, then get buy-in on the importance of CSI and long-term loyalty. maybe DON'T cut pay like many managers do for a quick (and VERY temporary) boost to the bottom line :)
Christopher Murray
Those solutions, although effective, are like watching paint dry. I was after a quicker initial solution.

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