Service drive traffic

Bart Wilson

How is your traffic on the service drive? Is it picking up over last month? The same? Dropping?

Chris K Leslie

We never saw a drop. If anything its been busier. 

Morgan Hardy

Customer's are enjoying the "valet" service that's for sure. We've had issues with service customers not practicing social distancing. 

Devin Meyer

Busy as always. The shop has been doing pickup and delivery for years now so nothing changed much. Towing took a bit of a hit earlier this year with people physically driving less and tire sales are only slightly behind last year but I can attribute that to less driving by the general population as a whole. Overall service has been steady or busy this year. Still managing about 105-110% service absorption. 

Bart Wilson

@Devin, that's great news! Do you have a body shop? It would be interesting to see if body shop work has dipped like towing with people driving less.

Devin Meyer

I do not have a body shop. I'm in a small town though and don't really pass up any jobs regardless of the brand. Profits are down from last year but sales are also down and there was about one month when the lockdowns started that was a little rough but it picked up after that. Was scrapping the barrel so hard on warranty work that month that I was coming up with wood chips but we made it through.

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