service managers and marketing

Mark Rask

What are the most successful ways that you have found to market your service dept

Chris K Leslie

First we have to find service departments that want marketing. Most don't seem to want to offer discounts or promos from my experience. 

Chris Murray

Discounts are not marketing! That is resignation or retreat!

Where is the sense in making offers of massive discounts to attract new customers? The knee-jerk and accepted response is to get at all the repair and maintenance opportunities on those new vehicles. Nice reaction but completely false!

If that were an effective strategy then why, as an industry, are 74 to 85% of our repair orders only one line? Are we to believe that America has the most well maintained vehicles on the planet? Are we to further agree that customers are so well educated that they alone knows what maintenance, service and repairs are needed on their vehicles? We must believe that because 75% are only servicing the customers original complaints!

The factory has already DRAMATICALLY  reduced and or discounted the income opportunity through warranty and sub vented services for new owners so we should bring in even more? 

I am sorry but SALES are in order here NOT marketing!

Elle Amadeus

The consumer today barely wants to pay for the car and definitely does not want to pay to service it!

That is just a reality.

That is why it's essential that when they come in to your service drive you invoice them and tell them they have to PAY for service.

Discounts And Sales promotions are for retail clothing stores. Have you seen their sales lately?

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