Service Marketing

Sean Travers
What are the best vendors for service marketing (conquest and/or retention)?
mark rask
We have been happy with Hamlin
Denim Simkins
Sean - my opinion is there are many great vendors out there that are very effective in both conquest and also retention. However with that being said I am a firm believer that one vender that works really well in one market may not be as effective in another. This doesn't mean their product is bad it simply was not a good fit. I really like conquest pieces that have a value added to them such a open recalls, going out of warranty checks and items like this that help the effectiveness of the campaign.
Steve Tuschen
I personally like the manufactures vendors as they will keep your customer's. I manage three brands and all of them will show you who you have not retained, which you can send direct marketing to, I do this on a 6 week cycle to these customer's that are at risk or show as lost. The conquest they can also do lists for you and scrub against your DMS and market. I do this about once a quarter, with a marketing piece. You also get the list of customer's which you can work individually. These lists are also good for sales they can compare against your CRM and market to those customer's. They will also go after other makes, I have had great success with this and our buy 3 get 1 free tire program and really push that we work on all makes and models. The list again also helps sales as these are new customers. Biggest reason is they are coopable and if you are a good salesman you maybe able to get funds from sales to help cover the expense.

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