Service Only BDC

Chris Murray

Its a bit surprising to me that so little discussion has been devoted to Service BDCs. Either in-house or outsourced I see the need as imperative to a well run department, for the most part, yet little or no informed opinions can be found recently.

In light of the pandemic, of course, the phones have heated up yet lane traffic, according to most sources, has not diminished. If the lane is active and the phones are "heating up" how can Advisors effectively manage the telephones AND deliver world-class tratment in the lane?

Randi DeSantis

We have had a successful service BDC for the last 5 years. I can't imagine NOT having one now. We have never had a sales bdc, nor do I envision ever adding one. 

Bart Wilson

@Randi, what are the metrics you are monitoring to make sure your service BDC is running efficiently? What are some of their daily responsibilities?

It's interesting you don't have a sales BDC. The roles of sales BDC agents and salespeople are slowly merging into one. Today's sales consultant needs the skills of a traditional BDC agent to be successful. I wonder if sales BDCs will someday be obsolete.....

Randi DeSantis

The end of the sales BDC was a topic heavily discussed when I was in academy at NADA. The new sales person shouldn't be allowed to not know how to handle an internet lead. When customers only visit 1.2-1.5 dealerships, the walk-in customer no longer exists. Plus, customers want a seamless shopping- they want one touch. They don't want a sales BDC person, then a sales person, then a closer, then a manager, then F&I... we're trying to meet the customer where they are. Not that my opinion on this is new, I made all kinds of waves on here years ago when I came out as ANTI Sales BDC- I think I said "those who cannot sell BDC" and made no friends over it. But, I don't believe the future of the sales BDC is very bright. 

My Service BDC sets appointments for incoming calls, emails and chats. They make outgoing phone calls, emails and send text messages to follow up with service appointments to make sure everyone is happy. They work with our parts department and schedule all SOP customers. They are also trained in writing service, so when we have someone out - they are able to fill in and help in service. I am able to monitor their tasks in CRM (verified also by CSI scores regarding follow up). We also use a cloud based phone system, OnSip, that allows me to route incoming calls into a queue. I can track the length of hold time, time on call, heaviest call times, etc. I can even jump in and listen or join calls if necessary. I have queues set up for all my fixed ops departments, the customer is told where they are in the queue and they are given the option to leave a message for a call back.  The phone system also shows me how many outgoing calls they make each day and to who. (Honestly, I don't know what we were doing before we put this phone system into place, it is SO MUCH BETTER than anything we have had previously. I never hear the complaints anymore of "no one ever answers" or "I always get voicemail") They also work through open recall lists if we EVER run out of work (this happened in May during Covid). I have two full time employees and one part time employee to cover the work load, and they are busy all the time. On a typical Monday here they take over 200 incoming phone calls just for scheduling. 

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