Service Retention

Bridgette McClain
I work for a dealer who whole heartedly believes that when a customer buys a vehicle from our dealerships the probability that we will retain that customer in service is split up into thirds, meaning: 1/3 will automatically be your customer in service, 1/3 will never come back to your store for service, and then there is the 1/3 that fall into the "maybe" category. My question: How do you market to the 1/3 of the "maybe's" How often? What do you say? What message do you send? Thoughts?
Mike Gorun
Building ongoing customer loyalty is a process that is dealership wide. The first thing I would do is to try and identify which factors are influancing sixty six percent of your customers not to come back. There are some factors that you can't control such as the purchaser simply living to far away. To get that 1/3 back you need to provide (in the eyes of the customer) reasons to come back such as; convenience of service; value of service; technical expertise. These should be incorporated as part of the main message(s)in your communications. Send out informational (driving tips) pieces to try and engange your customer at a level differnet then basic marketing. I guess what I am trying to say is to build your customer relationship on something other than general marketing. Loyalty programs and customer centric retention programs may accompish this for you. The frequency of contact is critical, just like a good recipe not to much, not to little but just the right amount at the right time. Once a month for informational pieces, once every 60 days on marketing promotions and when ever you may have a special event. Don't forget to personalize it! No one wants to get buried in spam, make them feel special. Hope this helps.
Scott Joseph
Bridgette, Customer retention programs are only as good as your data and the analyst that manage it. This article talks a lot about how good data management team or firm can help you. In the end I don't belive there is a set rule for frequency. I believe every customer is unique and your messages as far as the offers, timing of the offers, etc should be catered to their interest and behaviors.
Bryan Armstrong
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