Service RO Payments online

Lezlie Brannan
Is anyone accepting payments for service online? I'd like to be able to send a customer a copy of their RO, then they can click a link to take them to our site (or a 3rd party site) that would pull up that invoice, and allow them to pay for it right there.
Steve Tuschen
I believe Reynolds has that option for the payment, I know it does for emailing the invoice. If you customers are tech savvy it would be a good thing and can speed up check outs. What about piloting a program where you get the card prior, you can run it, and have it all completed when they arrive. We do this with a few customer's but have never launched it for everyone.
Mark Miller
I would have loved this. The amount of time that can be wasted at the end of the day in a cashier line could be eliminated. I always offered to take advanced payment over the phone when notifying a customer the car was done, but to have this would be great.
Stephen Carroll Jr
Reynolds does have a program for this - its called ReyPay ... we are installing late summer at our three dealerships as part of the new chip credit card requirement .. as part of the program / install we are going to be able to add check out at the service counter ( accept payment and close RO at same time ) - email a link to pay securely online - and eventually a mobile tablet version credit card payment option to go along with their SSK / OneStep Express system. Not normally a big R&R fan but system is good - secure - reasonably priced - and they promised to match or beat our c/c discount and they did.
mark rask
this would be a great idea

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