Service Waiter Process

Barry Dubnyk
We are a smaller store (no need for an expensive complex process) but I am looking for a simple effective way to track and monitor our service waiters. White boards? Clocks? whatever. Looking for ideas. Thanks..
Tony Wood
What aspects are you wanting to track Barry? A large whiteboard is a good catchall, but my answer depends on exactly what you're wanting to accomplish.
Barry Dubnyk
TW. Thanks for the quick response. I want to ensure that the waiters are in/out as quick as reasonable possible. I want to ensure they receive complete attention and that they are not left waiting a minute longer than normal.. There are times when waiter cars a left for a bit when another priority shows up. In some cases, we wash their car and bring it to the front entrance and then it is some time before we let them know the car is ready. Yet the customer has seen their car sitting ready for a number of minutes. As we all know, when you are waiting, the time feels like it is 2-3 times longer than it really is. We have thought about a white board, but looking for better ideas. An ideal would be some kind of system or app where you enter the arrival time, enter the eta for completion and then have the system pop up reminders to track the progress and then ensure we handle it asap when complete.
mark rask
We use white boards
Tony Wood
Whiteboards are great for tracking at the end of the day, but you're wanting to enhance the experience. I'm not sure exactly how busy your service drive is, so some of these options might not be feasible. There are a variety of options for actively tracking. You could purchase little box timers to attach to each waiter's RO. Have the timer set dependent upon what they're waiting on. If it goes off you'll know they've been here longer than...I apologize Barry, I've been typing this response over the course of an hour or so. I have a variety of ideas to help you, but today is too hectic of a day to lay them all out. I will respond on a less hectic business day (Probably Monday).
Ron Henson
Hey Barry, The good news is that you are trying to improve this process which means you are paying attention to customer experience. The better news is that you may already have a solution in place and may not know it. What CRM do you have? Integrating your fixed ops depts into CRM usage can be a painful process, but once they understand how valuable the tool is, the ROI is massive. In my store we set up alerts in the CRM that went out to the Advisors phones via text message when a customer was designated as a waiter. The alerts were customized by time dependent on the labor guides for the specific RO on the vehicle. Example: If a guest was in for an oil change, the advisor would be alerted every 15 minutes to check on the car. Also, when the technician marked the service as complete in the CRM, the advisor would immediately get a notification that the car was done and that the guest was a waiter. I hope that helps.

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