Service Write up Process

Denim Simkins
As I am looking at the industry today and reviewing articles about the change that the sales departments are making in order to be more customer centric and going away from the "traditional" process. I am asking myself; is it time for service to review their write up process? What is the most important aspect of the write up process and how do we become customer centric and not jeopardize the legal and financial well being of the dealership?
Mark Miller
I think that is a great topic Denim. Looking at the "old days" of having a desk between the customer and myself, then leaving them to do a walk around is not customer focused, it is adversarial. I think having a tablet, greeting at the car, looking everything over together, and being prepared are all the best options. Having a signature capture device meets most legal issues I think. Being prepared and know what each of your appointments is for is a best practice and gives that personal touch, knowing vehicle history, past recommendations., service interval needs, and having a conversation (not talking AT the customer) is the ground work that has to happen to build rapport and give the personal touch customers expect.
Blain Boudreau
"X-Time online scheduling and Service drive software"..(I-Pads).. Look into it!
Denim Simkins
All of those are great thoughts and there are a lot of tools out there to help improve our process be more customer friendly. What I am wondering is if we surveyed 1000 customers and asked them about that process of bringing in the car for service and what they would like to experience what their answers would be. Then how do we apply our process to their answers and still maximize profit and protect the dealership??
mark rask
This is a great topic.....following this
Jim West
Just be sure that all changes are incorporated into your processes. Remember, a process is "every customer, every time." We must give the customer the same experience whether the shop is low on work or backed up and struggling to meet commitments. My observation is that we sometimes cut corners to the detriment of the customer as well as our bottom line when things are very busy.

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