Texting Service Customers Status Updates

Timothy Martell
Diana D'Avanzo of Woburn Toyota has been texting her service customers for years and had great success. Their fixed ops dept. does $600-$700k per month. 800-273-4602 Great resource. And if you're looking for someone to try out something new or better, this is a great place to run a case study.
Subi Ghosh
This is something I am so interested in, but fear the programs, processes, fees, and most importantly the laws around implementing texting. I'd love any input people have as well!
Shawn Ryder
Subi, thanks for the reply. We work with dealers to ensure that ALL of the laws are met using the set standards for removal from a list based on the customers response. Of course a key is determining the customers preferred mode of communication - so gain permission from the customer to use text, email or voice and build an engagement plan based on each channel using automation. When it comes to the programs, processes and fees please feel free to send me a message and we can discuss the details, sound good?
Subi Ghosh
Sounds great! I just sent off my contact info. I look forward to hearing more. Subi
Shawn Ryder
Thanks for connecting Subi! I sent an email to the address associated - please confirm that you receive and look forward to your reply. Shawn
Heather Brautman
I guess I read this post totally wrong. I thought the original post meant do you keep people aware of their wait time via text, such as taking their cell phone numbers and letting them know how long till their oil change is done, etc. Which lets them go out and get something to eat, run errands, etc. Why would there be any fees, processing, lists, etc?

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