This Service and Parts mailer was CLASS!

Brad Bossen
Beautiful, glossy paper, tons of color, bursts, maps, 6 pages, phone and emails, great pics, expensive, discounts galore, as high as 33%! So what? The $9.95 coupon for a car inspection. Again, so what? Where is the "we're here for our customers", "trust your car to us" mentality that every dealership bleeds all over its customer base? Every consumer reviewing their weekly coupons or watching television sees that AMMCO will evaluate their check engine lite for FREE, MIDAS will inspect their brakes, exhaust system, tires, and anything else they can find for FREE, BIG O Tires will inspect their tires for FREE, AUTOZONE will check their battery, and electrical system, and install a new battery for FREE. Yet this dealership tells its customers that they are going to charge $9.95 for the same service! Come On! Besides appearing "coupon" foolish, so is their math. If your ASM had a customer's car on the rack and it needed a brake job would they discount the job at least $10 to get the job? YES! The discounted parts and services coupons (30%+) are way more than the $9.95! Doesn't it make more sense to offer a legitimate 'FREE, WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS', safety inspection, tire rotation, mount the snow tires, install Nitrogen, wiper inserts, etc., and forget all the discount coupons. How many customers are you going to attract on a 25% discounted cargo net? Conversely, how many customers would you attract with a FREE (at the dealership where I bought the car. AKA Retention) INSPECTION? How do I pay for my techs? Cut the "free" service to the minimum amount of tech time. Remind the tech he's sitting on his toolbox right now, and would he bet that he could find and sell some necessary services on a large percentage of the inspections he performs, thereby making his time a worthy investment. Print a FREE coupon with an OpCode for tracking costs. Pay the tech for the inspection and charge the inspection labor costs to advertising.

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