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Mark Rask

Have any of you had any success with using video in the service lane?

Chris Murray

Yes, its simple and enormously effective. The writer/technician can use their phone to shoot the video but upload it to Youtube and send the link to the customer of the unlisted video for employee and customer anonymity.

Mark Rask

@chris can you send me an example

Sorry, I'm confused, what are you doing here? Taking a video of what? Thanks!

Chris Murray

For instance a customer's vehicle has a bad ball joint and the play is quite visible. Take a video.

Brendan Dolan

One of my companies products allows you to use your phone or a tablet to take video and then text it over to the customer, along with a revised repair estimate. Keeps the Adivors personal info safe, but passes all the info over to the customer. Shops that have it love it, as a tech can take video of a noise, worn part, and explain why it needs to be done, and then there is a nice PDF of the repair estimate. 

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