Toyota Recall

Karen Dillon
I just read Brian Pasch's post regarding the Toyota recall and couldn't agree more than this is going to present incredible challenges for Toyota service departments. In speaking with my service managers, their biggest concern is the effect this will have on customer perception and satisfaction – both the “recall” customers who may never have visited the dealership for service, as well as their regular service customers. They want to be able to take good care of these “new” customers and provide a great experience in order to have the opportunity to earn their future service business; however, they also want to be certain to take care of their regular customers and not alienate them while taking care of the recalls… it is definitely a mixed bag. Telephone calls and how they are handled will have a huge effect and the dealers who can solve some of these challenges are going to be the most successful. TimeHighway is offering a solution by integrating GetAbby, artificial intelligence developed by Carnegie-Mellow University. Abby can be used as a "backstop" to take these overflow telephone calls and schedule a service appointment – for the Recall or for any other service. She queries TimeHighway for available dates/times, schedules the appointment and TimeHighway pushes these appointments seamlessly into the DMS. Not only can customers visit the dealer’s website 24/7/365 – they can now call in any time 24/7/365 - to schedule a confirmed service appointment. For those dealerships that prefer a live agent to take the overflow calls, we also offer that solution.

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