mark rask

Are there any groups that you guys would  for training advisors in the lane?  

Derrick Woolfson

@Mark - your OEM might offer "online courses" that you can use - we often use videos that are related to areas of opportunity regarding our CSI scores. It is hard, honestly, to find a "trainer" that actually trains on what your store is looking for - especially considering that many trainers come for just one or two days. Meanwhile, the service advisor - sitting in training - is thinking to themselves how much money they are losing. So, we found to add a video here and there throughout the week to build improvement. 

Chris K Leslie

I am sure there has to be. Everyone these says is so focused on digital. We never really hear from the fixed ops guys. Or maybe they are all on some different forum. 

Robert Simpson

For training, nothing beats a solid service manager and a weekly advisor meeting.  I am a proponent of showing videos too, and I think Chris Collins has great ones to show at the advisor meeting.

Chris Murray

Yes David Lewis & Associates trains in the lane.

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris Murray - they are an *excellent* training source! 

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