Training For Service Writers

Jason Volny

What type of training do you offer your Service Writers?
Is it focused on customer service, sales, or process monitoring? 
What programs are you using?

Derrick Woolfson

@Jason, we focus on customer service - i.e. greeting the customer (even if there is a line), opening the door for the customer, & keeping the customer informed of their repair status to name a few. The above sounds simple, but the truth is that we often fall short of offering the customer a good experience. On the flip-side, we also try and ensure that the internal processes are easy; i.e. the service tools they use to keep the customer informed, etc. If you keep the customer informed, and they have a good experience they are more likely to not just return, but spend more money with your dealership. 

Kate Poole

I made a manual for incoming service advisors that has log ins for everything they need, our expectations, codes for services, pricing, different types of warranty, etc. We use BG so in the first few days of onboarding they are to watch videos of the services we offer so they understand them to sell them. I work for Toyota so any emodule related to information you should know prior to opening an RO will be done before they get seated at their permanent desk. Shadowing for a period of time is key, then writing a very limited amount of ROs to understand the process. We have multiple assessments for the employees in the first year followed by 2 per year after the first year. Every week to two weeks we have meetings with service advisors, about 1/2-1 hour long, to discuss procedural changes and overall expectations. The training never stops and emodules get updated yearly, along with performance evaluations frequently.

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