Ron Henson
What is your definition of transparency as it relates to auto dealerships in both Variable & Fixed Operations?
Chris K Leslie
Its kind of one of those things that if you have to say it. You probably aren't it. The cool guy never says "Hey, look at me i'm super cool." I don't know that people care to much about a companies profit margins as long as they feel like they got a fair deal. In some cases I think it might actually help franchise dealerships to be more upfront with those figures because we are using OEM parts which carry a premium. I feel when you position things in a premium or not, name brand or off brand you allow people to the ability to choose if they want "premium" things or cheap knock offs. I absolutely believe that if you give the people the tools to make better decisions they will make more decisions overall and faster.
Clint Jones
I agree with Chris, if you have to say it (or ask) then you aren't.
Ed Brooks
“Transparency” is Just Like Hard-Core Porn -
Denim Simkins
I agree with the previous posts. Those who have to announce they are, are not. With that being said as it pertains to service and fixed operations how transparent are we really? When a customer asks your service advisor for a complete price breakdown of the repair needed, do they squirm a bit? Do they tell the customer the labor flat rate time and labor rate? Do they show them how they came to the flat rate time? Or is it like most where a tech put down their time added "diagnostic" and then rounded to the nearest .5? How about shop supplies and the charge added to every repair? Can our customer be apart of the repair process as easy as they do at the aftermarket shop? Here are just a few....
Clint Jones
In my opinion, transparency is somewhat a confusing term. By definition, transparency is about being able to see through something. Like a window. Like a piece of plastic wrap. I don't think that what is on the other side of that transparency needs to be our Financial Statement. I honestly don't think that the profit recap on a transaction would mean anything to a customer anyway. I personally believe that transparency (as it related to the auto industry) is mostly about providing an experience that contains NO SURPRISES. That means full disclosure of all information that relates to the customer's side of the transaction that would be pertinent to them. Customers are entitled to know that they are receiving the rebates that they are entitled to. Customers are entitled to know that there is no requirement to purchase and additional products in the finance office...that these products are optional and do not have any effect on their interest rate of ability to obtain financing. I believe that a customer is entitled to a repair estimate. I believe that this estimate can be a lump sum or an itemized estimate, as long as all additional charges are included in this estimate. I believe that ANY deviation on either side of that estimate must be communicated with the customer BEFORE the repair is completed. Communication is key in the service drive. Again, I don't believe that every single charge needs to be listed unless you choose to do itemized estimates. The biggest thing is that the price needs to be match the estimate. In a nutshell, don't take advantage of a customer even if we can.

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