Mark Miller
What are your thoughts on the level of transparency int his video? I think it finally starts to break down the stereotype of the the repair industry being "crooked". I have always felt a few bad apples spoiled the bunch, and this is how that reputation is rebuilt.
Clint Jones
I think it is really good. I would be interested to know what percentage of their customers watch the video.
Mark Miller
I know of a few NAPA autocare centers locally doing something like this and their open percentage is over 75% on the first visit, but drops on return visits. I would figure that is due to having seen the video once and establishing trust faster through that process. I can't comment on franchise dealers, but that is a good question.
mark rask
I like this....brings a new level of transparency
Tammy Anthony Baker
I love the idea! A nanny cam for the service side. Transparency at it's best.
Denim Simkins
Builds trust, creates value and helps break down some of those barriers that we are fighting due to the customers "perception". Taking a little extra time to do these things will go a long way for future growth and customer loyalty. Im sure this will be a shift for the technicians. Here is how the scenario would typically go for the repair noted at the Honda store. Customer complaint: check and advise for the driver side rear door will not unlock or lock. door lock will not operate. When a technician at a Honda store has this issue I'm almost certain the parts rec. for the repair is filled out even before the vehicle is pulled in. Typically a door lock actuator issue. In addition to this they will charge diagnosis time plus the R&R time therefore, causing our price to be way out of guide. There will be those that scoff at this notion and say this is not happening in my store but I challenge you to dig deep into this. Also mentioned by the tech in the video is the mention of the broken wire harness. If a tech has not performed a through diagnosis and tear apart like he has the possibility of over repair is very likely. I would assume that the tech did the wire repair then was able to physically test the actuator for proper power and ground then condemn the actuator bad. Really powerful tool to break down the barrier and be transparent. Great job to those guys being an industry leader and helping service and parts gain more market share in 2015.

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