VIN Solutions Service Department Management tool

Steve Beck
Has anyone used the Vin's Service Management tool? I don't know much about it but we are looking for a tool that would help us stay on top of customer communication. We currently use VINS for our CRM but that is the extent of it. Let me know if you have thoughts or experience with this system. thanks SB
mark rask
I have not......I have looked at dealer sockets and like x time better
Steve Tuschen
I would recommend taking a look at XTIME if you don't have it, it will give you web appointments, a great tool for checking in customer's and depending on which DMS you use will integrate and speed the interaction with a tablet, it will also allow texting with customer's that opt in at time of write up, you can email or text customer's there multi point and they can respond to those add on items.
mark rask
Steve, We use xtime and it works very well for us
Shawn Ryder
Steve - what would you look for in a communication tool for the service department customers?
Steve Tuschen
@Shawn, The more that integrate with your DMS and one that works with how your customer likes to be contacted. If you look at an advisors desktop, you will see there DMS, the manufacturer site, email, maybe an estimating site, maybe the CRM, an XTIME tab, and on and on, every tab takes time so I like to have as few as applications as I can for my advisors to there job. The current state on most drives is phone call, phone call, phone call. They never talk to the customer the easiest question, which is how would you like to be contacted today by text, email, or phone? If you ask most may still say phone as they may not be able to have there phone at work to text, but you will get a lot of people who will say email.

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