VIN-based Recall Search Software/website/vendor?

Aaron Kittle
What website, vendor or software do you use to search for recalls based on VIN?
Sheri Hudspeth print out one with every used car. it's free.
Aaron Kittle
To be a bit more specific, here's what I'm hoping to find... A resource where we can find which of our sold customers now have an open recall, with their name/address/VIN etc. I believe such a tool exists, but I don't know what it's called. Thank you for the help!
DCS Support
You could use a reconditioning software like Simple Recon ( to track open recalls on your inventory But it is a paid service The alternative is to use manually But it is free
Steve Tuschen

If you are a new car dealer you should be able to get a list from your brand.  Most of the manufacturers will even do mailers, which then gives you a list to go after.  That is how I go about it atleast.  Other than that Polk can always be useful if you want to go outside of your database to get a list of vins, and then start searching from there.

mark rask

We get thhat info from gm and hyundai

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