Vinsolutions-Autotrader Merger

Byron Womack
I am cusrious as to what everyone thinks about the merger between Autotrader and Vinsolutions? Is it a positive thing or is it a bad thing? Our Auto Group is thinking about going with Vinsolutions but have reservations about the merger with Autotrader. I would love your feedback!
Bryan Armstrong
You know, I've been a strong supporter of VinSolutions for many years. I've seen them grow, struggle, grow, struggle, etc. for many years. The struggles have always been to keep pace with the support and revenue needed for expansion. That is gone. There IS no shortage of capital now! lol. I guess the thing that encourages me the most is that all the people who MAKE VinSolutions are not bailing out, they're staying as vested and dedicated to the success of their "baby" as ever. Not only that but when AT got HomeNet I saw no changes other than better support. Quite frankly, although I'd worry about pricing later, I'd say sign now to as LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG a contract as they'll let you!
Ryan Dohogne
I am ending website implementation stage with VinSolutions currently. Throughout the process (other than the sales presentation), the level of customer service has been atrociously poor. When payment is due, they are like hawks. However support emails are ignored and have require my significant follow up. The staff I speak to on the phone, including the in-store trainer, remarked on how the company's rapid growth has affected performance to the dealerships. In fact, my web implementation manager launched my site "Live" before I even completed the paperwork. Not so sure that is legal to do... I have every piece of correspondence documented. Thus far I have asked VinSolutions to cancel service and refund me my One Time Setup Fee on grounds of non-performance. I have been thru start-up processes with ReyRey, AutoBase, and eBiz...never experienced anything as bad as this.
Bryan Armstrong
Ryan, You bring up exactly the basis for why I am actually not to worried about this. I believe the support will improve and everyone will benefit. Don't know if I'd bail right now at the end if I were you??? Good luck regardless and thanks for sharing. That's WHY I post here. If more Dealer's shared, you could of gone into it expecting a longer implementation phase and planned accordingly.
Eric Miltsch
I'm not a VIN customer, but after attending Internet Battle Plan V in MO, I'll be looking for any way possible to get them on board with us - even after all of the of the recent changes we've made. And, for anyone having problem - simply call them and tell either Matt or Sean about your problems, these guys are among the sharpest minds in the business. (And remember - I'm not a customer.)
Daniel Boismier
Byron, I hope your are correct in your assumption. The customer service at VIN is in great need of improvment. C-level mangement is very experienced and very responsive to dealer concerns, which is baffling when you are trying to resolve a technical issue. How they can respond quicker then their support team always frustrated me. Their product is advanced. If that support can cross over and VIN can get dealers to verify then I think they will have a complete package. -We have 3 stores using their ILM.

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