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Mark Rask

How are you guys marketing to customers while they are in the service waiting area?

Derrick Woolfson

Hey Mark! - We have a few different marketing tactics in the service lounges - we have POP marketing with an "x-change" program. Putting our oldest aged units closest to the lounges. We also have a separate T.V. on the accessories wall that runs the current specials, in addition to hang-tags in the car with the "x-change" program. We added an "accessories" board, but have not had much success with that - it's an interactive touch screen that allows customers to select accessories for their vehicle. Do you guys have an equity program?

Mark Rask

we do have an equity program.....thanks for the ideas 

Chris K Leslie

We have folks at each store that are speaking with service customers for Vehicle Exchange. We are also looking at ABN for some signage stuff. 

Tameem Hourani

Mark - our customers have been using our Charj devices to advertise in their waiting areas, and are seeing some great success.  What makes us different is that anytime a customer clicks on any ad on our devices, we send an SMS notification to the Sales or Service team, notifying them of an interested/activated customer.  This makes it a lot easier for the team to approach your customer about their interest, instead of waiting for them to inquire.

You can find more about our offering at www.Charj.com, or feel free to drop me a direct inbox message.

Good luck on your search! I hope that we can assist

We have a freezer full of free ice cream next to the waiting room :-)

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