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Mark Rask

How are you guys marketing to customers while they are in the service waiting area?

Tori Zinger

DealerGuy, brillant ;)

Katy Broshears

At the BMW store I am at now, I have been sending a pretty generic email out to everyone coming into service 1-2 days before. I am getting used to a highline store, and I don't think that the 2-4 people in the lounge at a time would be very happy being approached (most people take loaners). I know that a lot of people are using programs and having success, but I do not see it going very well here. I think that these customers will respond more to a "soft hit."

Believe it or not in the month I've been here we have sold 1, have 2 coming in (one tonight and one when he returns to the states next week), and had 3 others interested that unfortunately we weren't able to come to terms on. It seems to be working pretty well so far!

Something that I do for myself with the service lounges is I leave a little letter inside each of the magazines. This way as our service lounges fill up throughout the day as they normally do and people start grabbing for and reading the magazines we make available they stumble upon my letter. In the letter, I invite them to have a free professional appraisal done on their car while they are waiting. I also invite them to contact me for any information they may want or need in regards to their automotive needs. I have a picture at the bottom where I sign it which matches my banner on my Facebook Page so if they look me up @darlingshondanissan on Facebook it's consistent. I just started doing this, nothing yet but I see people taking them home! :-) 

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