walk in writeup sheet

Steve Tuschen
I currently use a blank service RO as our write up sheet to gather name, address, email, phone, and take down the information and have them sign it for those that don't have an appointment. Problem I am seeing we are not getting enough email addresses, does anyone have a generic write-up sheet that may help with this and still cover the required signature?
Joe Turner
Have you considered using a tablet like an iPad? You could hand it to the customers while you are getting the VIN and mileage and let them fill in the information. At the field for the email address, have a description that tells them about about the wonderful offers they could receive. You could even use the email address to notify winners of a weekly or monthly drawing.
Denim Simkins
good point @Chris. Every place I do business and I am not exaggerating by saying every single place asks for an email. @Steve a ipad would help this process but when it comes down to it your people create the results. Good post
Steve Tuschen
All good posts, we get a lot of no's and thinking a form with it may help instead of just asking, looking for other ideas as well.
Shawn Ryder
"Mr. Customer, we like to make sure our clients are up to date with current or seasonal offerings and also any recalls that may occur on vehicles - the easiest way to notify you is through emails we send out. This streamlines the communication - sound good? Just let us know your email address"
Danny Spurgeon
Want a inexpensive way. Use a folder system or as we call them "Coach Pad". I used this at a previous dealership and now use it at my newest location. The Coach Pad is just a manila folder that we have a local printer print a form on the front of. On the print we have different sections, i.e. Customer Info, Vehicle Interests, Trade Info. These folders are great system for simply taking notes and jotting down customer information while on the lot. This is a great way to show the customer that the sales professional is taking notes and truly trying to find the best fit for the customer. Also the perception of filling out a form is more comfortable for the customer to give your sales professional their personal information. Every sales professional when they leave the door will grab a coach pad on the way out. Every customer that they come in contact will have a coach pad or there is no write-up or deal sheet created. Plus having a folder in hand will allow the associate the opportunity to keep a copy of everything printed and handed to the customer. If I was back on the floor selling I would 100% every time use a coach pad as I see the benefit in the eyes of the customer as I take notes about their needs and wants.

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