Water leaks - Body shop or Service Dept??

H. Lehman Franklin
Nobody in my dealership wants to do water leaks. Body shop wants to push it off to Service, Service wants to push it off to Body shop. Does anyone have an idea what the "norm" is for who is to take ultimate responsibility for this service?
Steve Tuschen
No easy answer, consistency is the key. I have been in two stores where the service department handled all concerns unless it was paint. My current store the bodyshop handles all water, air leak, and rattles. GM has a class for it and it is a certification point, who takes the class should be the one who does the repairs.
Dan FitzGerald
We have our service center repair water leaks. They are typically more efficient at it. If we are talking about resealing a windshield then we leave that to body or a glass company. If we are dealing with an internal water leak I would rather have my trained service department tearing a dash apart to repair a sunroof drain leak. Think about it, does your bodyshop even have access to Technical Service Bulletins? Dan
Denim Simkins
This is a great question and if we were to ask 100 FOD's there would be close to 100 different answers with ways to handle this. Couple of things to consider, If it is under warranty I would enquire to see if the sublet repair gets coded and put into another group of repairs on your factory warranty report and could cause you to show high in that area vs. doing the repair. I had a situation where one of my Honda stores was sending out all Ridgeline's with water leaks. The sublet repair was under 1K compared to when doing it in the store and running straight time the repair was closer to $1500 to Honda. The problem the sublet repair automatically went into another group and caused them to be high in that warranty category and when ding it in the store, even though the repair was more, the effect on the warranty numbers was less impact. The other thing that I really found out worked well is to use an apprentice or tech in training and reward them to identify where the leak is. This process could take hours, when found show the shop foreman and determine the repair needed. This way your ultra productive techs are not tied up with this type of repair. The reward is simply recognition and helps you get your younger techs some critical training.

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