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Randy Taylor
Social media is causing quite the frenzy. But what about "live" chat on your website. Do you use it? Is it working? Pros? Cons? Looking for a lively discussion!
Ryan Linnehan
Hi Randy. I just had it added to our site ( last month. I have long liked the concept, but I resisted for fear of losing control of the prospect. We are still tweaking our process & learning how to maximize the benefits, but I've been pleased overall, and it seems like the customers enjoy the option to interact this way as well. And as for being able to log & control the prospects, so far-so good! :) -Ryan Linnehan
Randy Taylor
Ryan, thanks for your reply.
Katie Colihan
I wish I would have taken a look at the forum before I posted my most recent topic? :) I just wrote something very similar to this, but I'd love to contribute here. Of course, you probably notice that I'm affiliated with Car Chat 24, so of course I'm pro-chat, and I carry a bias. I know. I know. I KNOW. But Car Chat 24 aside, I only signed onto doing the Marketing for the biz because I could really see where Live Chat could be beneficial. I worked as a BDC Manager for about 2 years, and we were very content with the results of our webchats. At that time we were using Contact At Once, and our representatives controlled the chats. The biggest selling point for me was the fact that when people are ON your website, they're there for a reason - because they're interested in your cars. If someone walked into your showroom, would you completely ignore and not even greet them? The same should go for your website, aka virtual showroom. *Off Soapbox* Looking forward to more replies as well! Thanks for the awesome topic!
Ryan Lucia
Again, another chat company reply. Sorry but I had to post here because I am so passionate. I was an internet director for 3 stores and never used chat. We chased leads forever. My moto was make it a boy or a girl and get to the bottom asap. We had to know if we were working something or not as quick as possible because we got so many leads. What I am most blown away with is how people chatting are not the people calling or emailing. They are the people leaving your website before you added chat. Chat grabs and entices site visitors to communicate that otherwise would have never done so. Every 3rd party company has invested many dollars and time researching this before adding CAO to their sites because its important to know that a lead provider isn't going to lose leads. What every study has found is that chat boost phone calls, nothing to email and increases total leads by chat over 25% minimum if online only 25% of the day. Not bad! The discussions seems to be about who you should have answer. Call me old school but my best leads (Leads from my website) need to come to me. If i am sending leads elsewhere they will be my email leads from 3rd parties. I have seen both be successful but bottom line is if you aren't chatting you are losing clients that would reach out to you through chat. Every study we have suggest this very fact.
Hello Randy: I used Chat during my time as an E-Commerce Director for the SONS Group and I had very good results. In short; for my MINI store we had a closing ratio of 18% on incoming chats (all counted, even the service or orphant ones) and BMW close between 11% and 13%. further did w e receive email request from customers who went online after business hours and used the chat box to leave us with phone number (100% always true number) and an email. How sweet was that?! Hope that helps, VJ

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