What Are High Performing Dealerships Doing To Increase Service Traffic?

Andrew James

When it comes to increasing your traffic, the hardest part is attracting customers.

It can seem like an endless process: generating and pursuing leads, making a million phone calls, pushing for appointments, and forcing outcomes.

It’s a lot to handle, and it can leave you burned out and brand you with a “product pusher” reputation.

There has to be a better way - and there is.

Ask yourself: why should a customer choose your dealership?

What Are High Performing Dealerships Doing To Increase Service Traffic

What does your dealership offer that would drive a customer to choose your business over your competitors?

Forget about inventory; you need to figure out - or implement - that special aspect and highlight the benefits that customers can enjoy when they buy a vehicle, or receive service from your dealership.

What problems can you help customers with?

What unique experience does your dealership offer?

What discounts or benefits will customers be able to benefit from?

What does your dealership have that no one else does?

Tell prospective customers exactly why you will make their lives better, and then deliver on that promise.

In line with standing out, your dealership needs to make offers irresistible.

Most dealerships offer discounts and incentives, be it in service, selection, or payment options.

You want your dealership to stand out of the crowd.

What value-added services does your dealership provide?

What unique warranty or satisfaction guarantee can you offer customers? Maintenance packages? Free car washes every Wednesday for customers?

Be careful, though: you should provide unique and genuine experiences and benefits for your customers, not silly novelty stunts.

Another question you should ask yourself is: how long do customers typically wait to bring their vehicle in for service?

There is a correct answer: less time than your competitors.

A customer can call the aftermarket competition and get an answer of “today” or “tomorrow.”

If your business makes customers wait more than two days, you are losing business to more convenient and responsive competitors.

According to research, over 80 percent of customer pay sales start with a phone call - which usually goes to a service advisor.

The primary mission of the call’s recipient should be to schedule an appointment, not to quote prices (allowing prospective customers to shop around) or diagnose the customer’s concern over the phone.

Train your employees to immediately give customers the option to bring the vehicle in “today” or “tomorrow” for an inspection and an accurate diagnosis.

And, in a similar vein, call your dealership’s no-shows.

Sometimes customers don’t show up for their scheduled appointments; maybe they forgot or something else arose.

Call them to reschedule and increase the likelihood of them coming into the dealership.

Lastly, stop competing based on price.

All dealerships offer discounts and incentives; it’s part of the industry.

When you compete based on price, the dealership with the lowest price wins.

That’s it.

Price is not the only competitive factor.

Switch from price-related offers to solution-related offers: implement and use offers that address specific customer problems and presenting solutions.

If you can’t give customers a good reason to choose you or provide them with offers that speak to them, you leave them no choice but to choose a competitor based on price.

Be more than that; stand out, and you’ll get more for it.

Chris K Leslie

I always like to think about price like this.. 

If we arent the lowest price than why? 

All we need to do is tell the story why we arent the cheapest. 

Andrew James

Often the brand differentiator shouldn't be about price. MIT Sloan Review says it well:

"If a brand fails to develop or maintain differentiation, consumers have no basis for choosing it over others. The product’s price will then be the determining factor in a decision to purchase." 

Shannon Crane

This is an excellent article. Thank you for this. 

"What problems can you help customers with?" Loved this!

Dave Harmer

We help dealers solve this everyday. Dealers need to earn back business from third parties NOW.


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