What are the best waiting room amenities you've seen?

Walter Bilson

What are the best waiting room amenities you've seen? How can we make the waiting room a more pleasant experience? 

Derrick Woolfson

One of the amenities that people seem to really enjoy - oddly - is the popcorn machine. That along with the espresso maker. Haven't gotten a complaint yet. However, I do not know how much of an influencer these are regarding CSI. 

R. J. James

Good quality K-pod Coffee Maker with a good selection of coffees and teas.

Bart Wilson

Another vote for popcorn.  It's cheap, has a good aroma that you can smell throughout the dealership, and is fairly easy to maintain.

Yes, popcorn gets everywhere, but I think the reward is worth the extra work.

Walter Bilson

I've seen popcorn used a lot but what if dealers had a virtual reality (VR) setup where customers and/or their kids could play games while waiting? 

Amanda Gordon

Popcorn and coloring books for the kiddos. 

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