What are the best waiting room amenities you've seen?

Walter Bilson

What are the best waiting room amenities you've seen? How can we make the waiting room a more pleasant experience? 

Mark  Nicholson

Good coffee, plugs to charge, one sitting area that has a table, and I'll also mention that the popcorn is often a hit.

I also vote popcorn, lol! 

Guy Tonti

first thing is don't call it a waiting room...makes the customer think they are in a hospital :-)...call it a lounge, and plan for it with that goal in mind.  ie, each lounge is different, one in the Service area, vs. Showroom, vs. F&I...

Do a  persona (or personas) on who will be in a lounge and make the amenities geared to these persona.

This includes an ultimate goal of do you want them to stay?  If you don't want them to stay, don't put out amenities that keep them there.

I did work with Cabela's around digital signage...and they had a goal for each customer..."make them want to stay one minute longer", and they designed their store for this.  The longer a customer stayed, the more they bought...but if the customer did not WANT to stay, it was useless; and I can attest I have a hard time leaving their stores.

Adding amenities to a dealership without knowing the persona for who the visitor is, or having an ultimate goal for them,  is like asking someone who doesn't know your partner to buy you a gift to give them...it may be okay, but probably not.

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Great coffee & comfortable seats.

But mostly, friendly staff.

Chris K Leslie

The best I’ve seen is a local Lexus dealership. They always had baked goods like muffins, donuts and coffee. Also had iMacs and business center that was really nice. 

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