What are typical service advisor pay plans?

Walter Bilson

What are typical service advisor pay plans? 

Mark Rask

I think that most are paid a salary and a production bonus with a csi component

Yeah what mark said, that's my experience!

Craig Ness

Can anyone give a rough breakdown of what % is salary and what % commission?

Bryant Gibby

I was the GM of a smaller Honda store in Washington. Our service manager got paid a salary and the variable portion of his pay was tied into a monthly evaluation that comprised the entire job (hours per RO, EFL, CSI, Gross vs Forecast, Net vs Forecast etc...).

The percentage varied depending on the month but his salary generally accounted for about 60% of his overall pay. Hope that helps!

Dan Knoblock

In my opinion to compensation plan is wrong. A compensation plan should be viewed as a contract between the company and it employee. That employee is expected to represent and perform its job function at the highest level possible for that company. While many positions are capped, you must give the employee the opportunity to continue to grow. One of the best ways to alleviate continual merit raises or increase is to devise a comp plan based on what you need. Example is it 50/25/25? 50% base salary, 25% commissionable bonus that is not capped, and 25% for customer satisfaction? All of us should interview candidates and see what motivates them to come to work and prosper everyday. Not hate their job and consistently look for something else. Engage the employee by motivating, training, and following up. In other words how should I compensate you to be a leader inside my company to make the company more profitable? Every position in the dealership or organization should have something to aim for daily, weekly, or monthly. Short term success will help breed long term success.

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