What CRM do you like and why?

Mitchell Brenner
We are in the final stages of our decision as to which CRM to go with. Can anyone who is happy with their CRM tell me which one you are using and what you like about it?
Erin Zaborac
I have used Buzztrack (also known as Nettrack) and I found it completely unreliable. While the reporting was great, using it with a large BDC was near impossible, and making changes or implementing follow up for service was difficult. Integration with the DMS was mediocre. I looked at Dealer Socket and was impressed with its functionality, but my sales staff is a bit older and I felt like it had too many choices and options and came across a little busy. We currently use Autobase and I have been very happy with them. We have a very small DMS that almost no one has heard of (ACS) and they have found a way to integrate with them. My oldest salesperson is about 75 years old and he is the most proficient with making his follow up. Autobase gives you a way to tap into your database and find more leads to work during this slow season. Service follow up is also very easy. We are working our Writers into the follow up process. Feel free to call me with any other questions! Erin Stevens Internet Director Art Gamblin Motors 360-825-3567
Arnold Tijerina
I have also used Buzztrak and I agree with Erin. I've also used Higher Gear. It has alot of features and can do lots of things IF you have time to learn them all properly from a management point of view. On the flipside, it does give you great control over the follow-up and it's pretty simple to use from a salesperson's perspective. Using all the maintenance tools and reporting properly would take some studying, though. I've used Reynolds Contact Management. That's a nightmare! I hated that. It takes forever and takes about 20 steps to do anything. Dealer Principals love it, however, because once a process is set, it's in stone. Salespeople and managers would find it difficult to use. I know this didnt answer your question on what CRM is "liked" but I thought I'd share with you which ones I didn't like. If I had to choose, I liked Higher Gear the best.
Dustin Bailey
We use Higher Gear at my store. I like the ease of use on the salesperson side, and the reporting tools are very nice if your whole staff is using the program properly. The only downside so far is the lack of blackberry support for stopping the GM internet lead time clock. Once that issue is resolved, my only additional issue could be that the program is not web based.... some say that is a negative, some don't mind the server based setup... I am currently at the end of my highergear contract, and would consider a CRM with fewer back-end features if it was drastically less expensive.
Merla Turner
I also agree with Erin - I used BuzzTrak and found it to be very limiting and frustrating to use, we would lose data all the time, however the reporting was very straight forward and useful in refining lead management/sales processes. I have also used AutoBase and R&R Contact Management, but if I had to pick a CRM tool today, I would choose Dealer Peak. It fully integrates with your DMS and it is both super easy for salespeople to use while having all the bells and whistles needed for complex follow up campaigns, data mining, etc. I think that a CRM must be really simple for salespeople to maneuver so they will actually use it!
Ryan Deemer
I work for Dealer Marketing Services, creator of ProMax Online. I have to spoke to many dealers using this product and have yet to find one that regrets their decision. Please take a look at our services before making a final decision. Below is a short description of ProMax, for more information you can go to www.promaxonline.com or contact myself at rdeemer@procreditexpress.com. ProMax Online Version 8.0 is a stream-lined, fully integrated web-based program that can manage every aspect of your operation, from desking to CRM, inventory management, and much more. The new 8.0 version is more powerful than ever before with an all-new compliance package option, including digital signature pads and electronic archiving. ProMax Online 8.0 performs the functions of lease software, special finance software, prospect and customer follow up software and inventory management software, all in one program. It can be accessed from any computer and is easy to use! And ProMax is affordable, with low monthly fees and no up front costs.

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